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Our History

The Coach's Assistant (TCA) was established back in 2012, to help over-worked coaches get their day-to-day paperwork activities related to coaching completed efficiently; this way they could spend most of their time coaching and mentoring their student athletes! Many coaches have a day time job and they coach in the evenings as a way to help mentor kids and give them a place to have a outlet and learn the sport they love at the same time.  In addition, coaches want to give back to inspiring athletes, just as their coach did for them growing up. However the amount of time a coach has in their day-to-day is limited when it comes to maximizing every step needed to help get student-athletes to the next level of the game plan.

Our Story

Because there are so many different pieces to the game in order to reach your end goal today for students and athletes, BORN 2 SWEAT was created to help students and athletes create their strategy to WIN the game. We are dedicated to helping not only students and athletes, but also parents, coaches, and schools create game plans to transition our students and athletes to the post-secondary opportunities of their dreams!  For coaches, coaching is not the only hat of importance anymore, in order to help WIN the game educating parents and students on academics, skill level, and recruiting is also as important! This is where BORN 2 SWEAT is here to help.  We are your ONE- STOP-SHOP to helping your child fulfill their academics and sports needs!

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Meet the Team

We are equipped with coaches, teachers, counselors, mentors, athletic directors, resources, and many different contacts to help your child transition to the next level! Our team makes up a combined 50 + years of service to education and sports! Our coaches are not only equipped with coaching experience in many different sports, but they were once student athletes as well, and they understand what it takes to get to the next level.  Many times questions for your guidance counselor arise after school hours. Our counselors and advisers are here to provide you with support during the after school hours by answering different questions you may have, (related to: class selection and the eligibility process, to scholarships and college placement testing support,etc.) about transitioning to your post-secondary goals.







What's My Next Step?.

Contact us today, and we will guide you through the different steps to Elevating Your "A" Game!