Let's Create Game Plans Together!

Did you know course selection starts to matter by Middle School?

Did you know according to the NCAA, only an estimated 2% of high school athletes play college sports?

Do you know the other organizations that offer collegiate sport opportunities?

Have you applied to more than one college for academics or for sports?

Do you have a GAME PLAN to reach your post-secondary goals?

Our Services

We are your ONE-STOP-SHOP to helping your child fulfill their academics and sports needs!

Membership Options

Minor or Major League Levels:  It's like having a guidance counselor at your fingertips, with the SWEAT APP, Scholarship Support, Email and Telephone Support, SWEAT Gear, and a tutorial class of your choice.

Evaluation by Track

  • Initial Evaluation and Diagnostic Review: This session concentrates on the development of student/athlete game plan for their future.  The session can last up to 90 mins or two-45 min sessions.
  • Annual Follow Up Visit: Once the initial evaluation has taken place, our  annual follow up is strongly encouraged.  This session can be broken down into two-30 min sessions or one 1 hr session.

Academic and Mental Toughness Coaching

  • Biweekly Academic Coaching/Counseling: We will help you create academic strategies to stay in the game with grades! (30 min sessions).
  • Biweekly Academic & Mental Toughness Coaching/Counseling: We will help you create academic strategies to stay in the game with grades and to build your mental toughness motto for success! (60 min sessions).

Have questions about how a Section 504 or IEP relates to Sports or Academics?

We can help you with that!

  • Basic Support: Understanding and identifying learning struggles
  • Secondary Support: Understanding of rights in terms of high school
  • Preparing for next level: Understanding rights as they relate to college, support with Collegeboard, and support with ACT sign up.

Florida College Tours

Winter, Spring, and Summer college tour options and college fairs will be available soon.

Need More Hands-on Support?

Attend our Workshops or Tutorial Classes....

Many different topics are covered in our workshops and tutorial classes for students, athletes, and parents.  Contact us today for more information.

Here are a few topics we cover:

  • Eligibility Centers
  • Mental Toughness Classes for Student Athletes
  • Financial Aid
  • SAT/ACT/PERT (know the difference)
  • Middle School to High School Basics


We are here to help make fulfilling your post-secondary dream a success.  Need more support?  We are here to help!

  • Tutoring Support: Need a tutor? We have a select group of contacts for different academic needs available
  • Training Support: Need to train? We have a select group of contacts for different personal training needs available
  • Community Service Support: Need community service? We can provide you with different community service opportunities that come our way!
  • Employment Support: Need a job? Contact us about our Employment Services Support